My ‘first’ inner sanctum where ideas and research swirl around in the head, on the pages in front of me. Whether film history, designs, or ideas for various projects the room is organized – because the thoughts are a jumble until order is achieved…

As I move around my library/study always changes… more posts to follow


2 thoughts on “Library/Study

  1. Nice “inner sanctum” or library. I especially like the paint (adds warmth to the room). You have an impressive number of books! My bookshelves are cluttered with weird things that I collect like Victorian tooth brush holders, shaving mugs, etc. After seeing your library, I want to improve mine.

  2. This was my first real library. Two single bedrooms wherein the common wall was removed and one entry door sealed up, by the previous owner. I had the bookshelves custom built to my specifications. This was a library that could grow. And, in the closet were all the file cabinets hidden, that housed the clippings files. Sure miss that place!

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