In my library… Part 1

This little blog will continue periodically, as I run across a different book in my library.  


A book, old or new, hardback or paperback, for reading, research or reference… they come in all varieties.  Shapes, sizes, colors… some with photos or illustrations, others without.  Some in leather bindings, other hardboard pressings.  Some are well read, others almost new… but each book is loved as much as the other.  For different reasons.  


When did I first fall in love with books?  From my earliest days, in fact I still have in my collection my first, second and third grade readers.  And from those early books the fascination continued and to this day still grows… I sold some of my books, traded others, but no matter how many I’ve sold or traded… I still have more and add more each month or whenever.  Books stand out to me… I can smell them miles away… they draw me in… caress me, seduce me… this is the beginning of a chapter, or verse… but as I said to be continued…


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