In My Library… Part 2

So, back to books…

I cannot go anywhere and not be interested in books… almost all books, even if in a foreign language I cannot read, if it looks interesting – then I’m interested.  It doesn’t matter if the book is new, or old… hardback or paperback, even a magazine… I just love the printed page.


I’ve always said I want to catalog my library, but I’ve never gotten around to it.  Maybe one of these days I will.  I really should.  My books at the moment, are in storage, in London awaiting me to travel there, get them out of storage and ship them back to the United States.  Hmmmm, I would rather return to England and be there with my books… but they have been away from me for too long.  Almost two years!


That doesn’t matter, every box was packed and labeled with care and love.  I know each and every book – better than I know the back of my own hand.  Where I got it, how I got it… purchased, trade, found, gift… it doesn’t matter each book and magazine has a history with me.  I love books that used to belong to other people… with their names and dates written inside.  I do the same.  To me it is not defacing a book, but adding to it’s character and history.


How many books and magazines do I have?  I have often asked myself that very question and have on several occasions tried to give a rough count… but it is difficult… counting one, two, three… and by the time I get past one hundred and something… a particular book catches my attention… ah yes, what was the fact I wanted to check… or, I haven’t looked at this book in a while, or I remember when I got this. Yes, see inside right here, on the inside cover, my name and the date… flip a few pages oooh this one is autographed to me from… it doesn’t matter.  That is for another article as I have lots of autographed books.


I walk into someone’s house, I immediately scan the room to see where and how many books one has.  I go past a store, do they sell books?  Even in the grocery store I cannot help but pass by the magazine and books section to see what is new.  I have a list that keeps growing with the titles of books I need to add to my library.  The list is probably now almost as long with titles as the actual number of titles I own.  Which is probably around 3000 plus, probably more like 4000.  Then there are probably 500 plus magazines, and one four drawer file cabinet filled with articles from more magazines and newspapers.


My books are old and new… first editions usually, very seldom do I have a second or third edition unless it is a reference book and they keep updating same.  Such as with the Film Encyclopedia by Ephraim Katz… this I have the first edition and several subsequent other editions… trouble is sometimes they have added stuff other times deleted, so I like to be able to cross reference.  Yes, I will also check books on the internet… some books that cannot be had but have been downloaded… because they seemingly do not exist, or are to pricey.


Well, as I have said before this will be continued… so watch these pages!


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