AL JENNINGS – photo 1


An unidentified film scene still from an unknown Al Jennings film.

In this scene, Al Jennings “The Bandit King of the Screen,” seems to be holding up a man, perhaps the bank president. If anyone has any information to help identify this still or the man (actor) being held up, please contact me.

From the Kevin John Charbeneau collection.


4 thoughts on “AL JENNINGS – photo 1

    • Yes, the headaches and heartaches of film research… an unknown film, probably lost, and only one performer known. I have been researching Al Jennings for more than 20 years, and this photo was from his own private collection – and nothing written on the back. No date, year, cast, title, nothing at all.

      • I love a good mystery. I thought I could find something about Jennings in “A Pictorial History of the Silent Screen” by Daniel Blum. But his name is not mentioned. I wonder if the photo you have is from a film in whicih he played a small part–a cameo role or something?

  1. This would be, most likely, from his Capital Film releases, circa 1918-1921. Most film books, and even Old West histories shortchange the man. Film books usually mention a ‘handful’ of films, while books on Western badmen, paint him as comical, at best. The films were based on his life, and were chapters from his life. He was associated through acting, writing, or as technical advisor, connected to more than 60 films. A complete filmography in the works. As for some qualified Western historians, they paint Al as a ‘comic book bandit.’ This is unfair, in that if he was wanted by the areas top law enforcement officials, including marshals Bud Ledbetter and Tilghman, not to mention E. D. Nix I would hardly think authorities considered him “comical,” otherwise lesser known sheriffs would have been in the posse.

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