Finally my books have arrived…


Well my books were removed from my shelves and boxed up, just over two years ago. And for that period of time, sat in storage, until finally, just after Labor Day (USA) arrived in the US from London. Arriving in NYC, they were unloaded from the container and transferred to a truck to be driven across the continent.

Finally, they arrived. And, within four days of being removed from the truck and into the house… they were unpacked and put onto the shelves awaiting them. Each book placed in it’s proper and respectful place.


One box at a time… one book at a time, unpacked, inspected, looked at lovingly (remember I’d been separated from them for two years), placed on the shelves and arranged according to my plans… Yes, I mapped their placement out… thought about it, and had to make a few adjustments – but all in all it went according to plan… and now I not only have a library again… but can grab any book (almost) at a moments notice and read or research to my heart’s content. My mind satisfied, and my heart overjoyed with being at one with my books again.


You might recall, I said “almost” in the paragraph above… well not all my books fit into the shelves allowed. There are twenty plus boxes in the garage, wherein, I do not have space in the house. It’s okay these books are 2nds or 3rds on a subject that I already have at least one of… but the boxes are identified, so if I really need it… I can find it, within a matter of moments.

So now if you’ll excuse me… writing this made me think of something… so I am going to go find that book, sit on the sofa and read it…


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